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~The Watcher (Cover Made)~


This book is a cover made BOS. The cover is already complete & awaiting you to choose your options! Please see the BOS options page to choose yours!

This great BOS is made of wrinkled leather & a lovely glass eye. You can have your choice of three eye colors, yellow, green & blue. The book is very interesting & mysterious looking. The eye is so realistic that you will feel as if the book is always watching what happens around it, always looking out for you. It is a wonderful & unique book. This book has No spine sashes with wrinkles extending from front to back across the spine as well.

This book is 9x12 with 8.5x11 paper size.
It has 500 blank pages.

©Witches Moon

Normally Ships in 30 to 45 Days

Shown Below in Brown and Aged Green; also available on our Journals Page

Human Eye


Watcher Book of Shadows Brown
Qty: Price: $235.00
Eye Color:

Human Eye:

Watcher Book of Shadows Green
Qty: Price: $235.00
Eye Color:

Human Eye: