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                                                                                Here at Witches Moon we offer one of a kind, unique wands. Some hand    crafted by Others, some by us, some crafted by mother nature herself.  We hope you will find what you are looking for within this place, if you do not please feel free to email us, we may know where you can find your dream wand.

All of our own wands are crafted by Heather our Priestess of Witches Moon. A witch of many crafts, she is almost solely responsible for all of our book crafting as well as our Besoms, Staffs & Wands. 

All of our Twisted Witches wands are hand crafted by our High Priestess. Why Twisted Witches? Well most of our wand line is made of unique twisted pieces of wood, though some may be straight or have no twists at all, most do.

 They are made from Dead woods, This means no wood was harvested to make these wands.  only as well as made from some of the most unique wood from special places. Below you will find wands crafted of wood from Our own back yard & many other places. All wands come with COA. Our wands made by us are all one of a kind. there will not be another one like yours. As we select the best wood with the most unique shapes. All wood is again, only fallen wood. Each piece is selected because of it's energy.  It's style of creation ( meaning if it is colored or needs a crystal and so on) is received by divination. Our Twisted Witch Wand Line offers The wand chooses the wizard ideals, this is not just a quote from Harry Potter Books, there is fact in the idea that when the right wand for you is found, you will know it. Once you receive your wand, if for any reason you do not feel the connection to it please feel free to let us know and send it back for a full refund. We want you and your wand to form the kind of bound that a Witch/Wizard should have with their wand.  Our Salem Wands are great because it allows those of us who can not ever get to Salem to get our own a chance to have a piece of the history.




Ebony Wand

Carved out of solid ebony by hand, each of these wands is a powerful uniquely crafted tool that makes a powerful addition to your ritual magic and spells. Ebony, long known as a powerful conduit for spells of protection, and a potent amplifier of the energies you might use, makes each wand perfect for practically every ritual or spell you might work, and with its darker hue, can make a perfect complement to wands of a lighter color in representation of the God and Goddess. Averaging 14" in length, with its own cloth carrying bag, each of these hand-crafted wands will vary slightly in both shape and length as they are crafted to blend with the natural beauty and grain of the wood from which it`s carved


Ebony Wand
Qty: Price: $41.95




Pagan Lignum Vitae 14" wand
Lignum Vitae is an exceptionally powerful magical wood. It has strong protective and healing properties and is a very powerful wood. Approx 14" in length, will vary as these are hand crafted.

Pagan Lignum Wand
Qty: Price: $35.00


Wand: Willow 13- 16"

Willow is known as the tree of enchantment. It is famous for its unique healing properties and is used to generate great psychic energy as an aid in divination. These finely crafted wands are approx 17" in length and 1/2 to 1" wide. size will vary. Please allow for variations as no two are alike. sold separately

Rustic Willow Wand
Qty: Price: $29.95





Wand: Ash 13- 16"

Ash is known as the tree of strength of purpose, and wisdom. These finely crafted wands are approx 17" in length and 1/2 to 1" wide. size will vary. Please allow for variations as no two are alike.  sold separately.

Rustic Ash Wand
Qty: Price: $41.95





Wand: Pagan Oak 16"

Oak is known as the tree of endurance, and triumph. These finely crafted wands are approx 16" in length and 1/2 to 1" wide. size will vary. Please allow for variations as no two are alike.

Pagan Oak Wand
Qty: Price: $35.00