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     Ready Made Books of Shadows    One-Of-A-Kind BoS's      
Recycled "secret" BOS'S   



~Recycled Secret Book's of Shadows~


Ever Want to have your bos in the open but couldn't? Maybe you want to keep it in plain site
without feeling like you have to run and hide it, should you feel you need to. Well Witches Moon has created these awesome "Secret Books of Shadows! Made from Recycled old antique books, these vary in size shape and design. Each one is unique and will never be duplicated.
Antique books are all to
often thrown away into dumps or burned. We decided it would be a good idea to reuse the cover's and recycle the paper. The insides, if present are removed and recycled or used for scrapbooking and the covers are filled with hand cut blank pages!

All books are hand bound and some will have page edging of some kind. These are sold as is so please read the descriptions as there may or may not be wear from decades of use. All are solid and sturdy and ready for you to add any info you desire! They would make great journals even! We have even, If applicable, left the name of the book on the spine or cover! There is nothing like looking at a shelf full of old books! The way each spine is different, the way they smell, the way they all seem to tell a story! We are trying to keep the old books under $100.00. There will be from time to time, antique album books that will be priced higher due to the intricate nature and rarity of their covers. Now you can record your own story!