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     Ready Made Books of Shadows    One-Of-A-Kind BoS's      
Recycled "secret" BOS'S   


What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book Of Shadows is a Witch's Greatest tool. It provides a place for Craft secrets, spell work, rituals, family traditions,
otherworldly info & almost anything else a Witch can think. As you progress through the Craft & figure out what your practices will be, you will
 need a place to  write them! book of shadows will "call" to those Witches they are meant for. It was once believed that Witches and Magical Practitioners
kept their secrets  verbally, not keeping a written record of their craft. However tales of John Dee and Agrippa are testaments to the contrary. In
the dawn of the Wicca  Movement a Book of Shadows has become very mainstream and a required tool, whether hand written or typed or even a "floppy BOS", all are essential to the Witches Craft. Contained within would be Spells, Rituals, God,/Goddess info and general Information that is handed down through the ages from one member to another. We believe each Book of Shadows has it's own energy unique to its Witch or Coven & in a sense
becomes one with it's owner's) These books are made by Witches for Witches. A book of shadows should be given a book blessing & consecrated at the Witching hour under a full moon or at any time deemed appropriate for the Witch............
When you are ready to purchase a Book of shadows,
it should be something custom to you, something you connect with & bond with.

Creating a Book of Shadows is a ritual to itself for us. We do create a ritual type environment to work in while creating our books of shadows, we even use a wonderful fragrant blessing oil when done.  We do not believe in machines to make these books as each one should be special and creating with the loving care only a human being can give. So each one is made by US, by one person, by hand. Like the Grimoires of old, these wonderful books feature parchment like pages (Blank), marble paper interior pages (cover & back) & three or more large ribbon book marks.

 Our books are all made with the highest quality Leather & products hand picked by us. These books are so strong they can be held up by the cover alone!   All products used in the making of one of our magickal tomes, i.e... Leather conditioners, dyes, pigments, glues and materials are natural and water based. We do not use an chemical dyes or glues and we do not use animal glue. 

 We believe in what you see is what you should be getting, therefore Witches Moon does not make any extraordinary claims about our books. They are all crafted with intent and to the best of our ability. After years in the business, we know our craft. Our books have an organic feel to them as appose to the less detailed, simple books available elsewhere on the market today. Wherever Possible, All of our raised cover designs are hand cut by us, we do not use any man mad molds, resin or other un natural product to achieve our designs. We do all the work ourselves and do not outsource our books. Because they are hand made they feature imperfections which, as a witch, is a wonderful thing!! It shows age and wear and that a live person actually made your bos.










We now only sell books that are complete and ready to ship out. We prefer these books as they will truly be
one of a kind and our customers will not have to wait any longer so long for a BOS. If no books appear here, there are no
 books available to purchase at this time.





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 8x10 Green Triquetra BOS