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One of a Kind Books Of Shadows

Welcome to our one of a kind book of shadows page. Below we have featured truly unique, one of a kind Books of Shadows. There is only one of each of these books and all are complete and ready to ship now. There is no wait for these books other then the time it takes the mail carrier! Each one has wonderful details, all of which are unique. Some pieces are antiques and some are new.
These books will never be featured again. We wanted to have our customers to be be able to own something no one else has. It may be odd to some to think your personal bos is the same as someone else right? Well that is why we created these, so you and you alone will own this Book of Shadows!

We will add more books as we make them and as we find unique embellishments to add. For a truly special book of shadows or journal, look no further! Again these books are complete and are ready to ship now. Remember these are all original one of a kinds so no one else in the world will have your bos! If for some reason we only have the cover complete, we will mention that in the listing and then you will be able to choose marbled paper or binding styles.


Keep Scrolling Down we have lots to choose from:) These Books are ready to ship to you now!





Golden Goddess BOS


This BOS is Made from an old 1880s book. It has a golden goddess on the front and four leaf style corners at the front. There is a thick brass latch and the book has about 450 individual blank hand bound pages. The paper is purposely bound to extend slightly beyond the cover so when you tea age it it will look amazing! The cover is thick and heavy and also has raised detail front and back. It is a true one of a kind. Ready to ship now

500 pages hand bound
9.5 x 12.5 in size.