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One of a Kind Books Of Shadows

Welcome to our one of a kind book of shadows page. Below we have featured truly unique, one of a kind Books of Shadows. There is only one of each of these books and all are complete and ready to ship now. There is no wait for these books other then the time it takes the mail carrier! Each one has wonderful details, all of which are unique. Some pieces are antiques and some are new.
These books will never be featured again. We wanted to have our customers to be be able to own something no one else has. It may be odd to some to think your personal bos is the same as someone else right? Well that is why we created these, so you and you alone will own this Book of Shadows!

We will add more books as we make them and as we find unique embellishments to add. For a truly special book of shadows or journal, look no further! Again these books are complete and are ready to ship now. Remember these are all original one of a kinds so no one else in the world will have your bos! If for some reason we only have the cover complete, we will mention that in the listing and then you will be able to choose marbled paper or binding styles.


Keep Scrolling Down we have lots to choose from:) These Books are ready to ship to you now!




Victorian Brass One of a Kind Thick Book of Shadows


This great BoS is 9.5" wide by 12" long by 4.25" thick. It is all hand bound and blank and has approximately 600 to 650 pages. The Marbled paper is a Spanish Spot in greens, reds, creamy yellow, black and gold. It is a reproduction of a 300 year old paper. The cover is heavy leather with two brass decorations on the front. These pieces are all hand made and are simply gorgeous. It has a shield at the center. The book was made in 1885 and these types of pieces are very hard to come by in this condition. The brass is so well done and compliments the book very well. We have made a new spine for it and hand aged the entire book to give it a worn look. It is a fantastic BoS and is of course, one of a kind.



Victorian Brass One of a Kind BOS
Qty: Price: $475.99





Black Celtic Dragon Book of Shadows


This great BoS is 7.25" wide by 9.75" long by 3" thick. It is all hand bound and blank and has approximately 550 pages. It has a great black waved marbled paper inside that has colors of reds, whites, yellows and so on. This book is recycled from an old book dated 1902. It is black leather with hand carved raised detail. The spine is brand new and made to look rustic and hand done. The covers have minor wear on the corners. The center is a hand molded Celtic Dragon Piece about 3" in size. It is a truly gorgeous one of a kind book, so you will be the only person in the world to have this!

Black Celtic Dragon One of a Kind BOS
Qty: Price: $381.99




Black One of a Kind BoS with Hand-Created Gold Pentacle

This wonderful book is recycled from an old cover of a book dated 1861. We have created a new spine for it as the old spine was not of any use. The book is 8x11 with 7.75x11 (inches) hand bound paper. It has approximately 700 pages.

The book has green marbled paper. The cover has years of age, which, as witches, we adore!
It is hand carved with a wonderful design. To this design on the front we have added an aged hand painted 24kt gold pentacle. It is roughed up in spots to achieve the old look. The cover itself has some rough corners but this adds to the age and heavy use of the book it once was. The pages have tea aging on the edges and some of the interior pages are also aged. The tea aging makes the cover sit up and to us this looks awesome! It is a sweet thick little book and perfect for someone who does not want a large book. It has around 65 to 100 printed pages within it and these include some spells, oils, ink recipes, moon magick, candle magick and so on.





Green Snakeskin Pattern BoS of Wisdom

It is well known that snakes represent wisdom. This bos is made of a soft leather that has been embossed with 14kt gold leaf snakeskin detail.  It is 9x12 with 8.5 x11 paper. Hand Bound.
This is not real snakeskin. It is a green aged leather with a large Green Snake eye. It has two brass corners on the front and 500 hand bound parchment paper in a tan color. It is a truly unique bos and made with a limited edition leather so each piece was unique. This book has wrinkles as well and just has an overall magickal mystical feel to it.



9x12 Green Snakeskin BOS of Wisdom
Qty: Price: $384.99




Massive!! Witches Grimoire Codex

This large leather codex is 11.5x14.5 with 650 pages, tea age edges, hand bound. It has antique reproduction Spanish marbled paper & brass antiqued flourish corners. It is so large, heavy & thick! it could easily have another 100 pages or so added if you desire. We can unbind it & add the pages to this BOS, this will add 2 weeks ship time to this book. You can purchase additional paper on the BOS options page. This bos is soooooo thick! It has such a magickal feel to it, makes you feel like you are in some old tower casting spells!
 It has a thick spine, very thick with wrapping bands front to back, 7 in all. The kind of cover you expect t find on a very basic, rough book form around 1550 or so. The cover is aged and roughed up so it truly looks like it has been around for 500 years. We aged it & aged it & aged it again! The pentagram is hand drawn in 24kt gold & then aged so it looks worn in some spots and new in others. We aged it over several days and just kept going back to it to do more, but at this point we feel it is complete.

 This is not a perfect book, and intentionally so. It is gorgeous!

Darker then the photos show



Large Gold Pentagram Grimoire
Qty: Price: $494.99