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Herbal Grimoires & Dream Journals

Below you will find our selection of Herbal Books & Dream Journals.

A Witch not only has a book of shadows but will also have an herbal book & dream journal as well. While a book of shadows can hold herbal lore as well as ritual & spell info, it may be a bit too big once you add everything to it. In our family we have one large Book of Shadows, an Herbal journal, a recipe book & a dream journal for each of us.

This is why we offer other books for other purposes, like our lavender scented dream journal or herbal journals which can either be scented or unscented. Please view the selections for colors and binding options on our book options page & email with any questions.

These books also fall in to the 4 to 24 Business week time frame to create then ship.







Pentagram Journal
What a Statement!  This fantastic book is just what the witch doctor ordered! It offers a large Pentagram on the cover with 5 raised Spine sashes. This books leather is ever so slightly wrinkled in certain places, offering almost the look of skin. It is a Deep red with Smoked Black highlight. It is a wickedly Magickal book!

8x10 cover 7.5x9.5 Paper Size
500 Pages

Red Pentagram Journal
Qty: Price: $125.00






"The Watcher "Herbal:


This great book is made of wrinkled leather and a lovely glass eye. You can have your choice of three eye colors, yellow, green and blue or a Human Eye. The book is very interesting and mysterious looking. The eye is so realistic that you will feel as if the book is always watching what happens around it, always looking out for you. It is a wonderful and unique book.  This book has no spine sashes with wrinkles extending from front to back across the spine as well.

Cover is 8x10, paper is 7.5x9.5
500 Pages

The Watcher (500 Blank Pages)
Qty: Price: $150.00
Eye Color Choice:






Spirit Of Nature Travel Grimoire:

wonderful book is available as a Grimoire on our BOS page as well. He is just adorable! With glass eyes & wrinkled leather, he has the look of a nature spirit ready to play a trick or two! He is most unique & Has the most
Wonderful feel to him. Let him watch over your most sacred information.

 8x10 cover size 7.5x9.5 paper size 
500 Pages

Spirit of Nature Travel Grimoire
Qty: Price: $145.00





Dream Journal

A wonderful midnight blue color with purple under-coloring, raised moon w pentagram & swirls. This is a perfect place to keep all your dreams & psychic work.

9x12 with 8.5x11 paper

Dream Journal
Qty: Price: $185.00






Triple Moon Travel Journal:

This cute journal is
7x9 and features raised triple moon design on the cover under the leather.
 It also features raised cover details. This is a unique yet simple book. It makes for great journaling or recording your work with the Goddess.

7x9 cover 6.5x8.5 paper size  
500 Pages

     Triple Moon Journal 7x9
    Qty: Price: $115.00




Antique Herbal Journal

This great book is designed to look like an old book. It has uneven Arrows at the spine with thick spine bands and raised corners.  Please note this book is shown with optional colors. It can be made in solid colors or two different colors should you so decide.
Just pick the colors you like together on the options page and that's it!

8x10 Cover Size 7.5x9.5 Paper Size
500 Pages



Antique Herbal Journal
Qty: Price: $140.00







Fairy Star Journal

This great BOS has a heavily wrinkle cover in green with black highlights. It has a fairy star on the front, an 10 pointed design.
This book can also be made with a pentagram or Triquetra on the cover. Spine has a Small Pentacle and twisted spine bands.
A really rustic natural looking journal.

8x10 Cover Size 7.5x9.5 Paper Size

500 Pages





Fairy Star Journal
Qty: Price: $140.00