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It has come to our attention there are several books still not shipped. As many of you know we no longer make books and have given the business to a relative to run. We have since had a tragedy in the family so there are some book still in storage that need to be shipped. If you have not received your book, please email us at so we can locate and ship your book. We will need to go to off site storage to locate it but we will gladly do so or fully refund your order.


The following calendar days Witches Moon is Closed:
Please be advised We will still process orders at these times, but shipping may not occur until we return. we will not be available via email:
Please also be advised that if you require something as a gift or by a certain date, you must let us know asap.
 October 25th through October 31st
Closed for Samhain Vacation
December 21st through January 5th
Closed for Yule and Inventory
May 1st through May 6th     Closed for Beltane     



Thanks so much & Blessed Be.

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