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~"Witch" Tiquities~


Welcome to Witches Moon Witches Antiques Page! A little play on words, but our "WitchTiques" are wonderful hand selected items that
 were once used for witchcraft. Each piece is chosen carefully,  Here you will find unique, one of a kind Antiques that have been used or can be used for Witchcraft Purpose. These items have all been cleansed and are ready for ritual use. Since these are of another time, there may be some wear and tear and scuffs and scratches associated with each piece.  We will do our best to make you aware of any issue any item has.

What better way to recycle or repurpose old items for new use! From antique books on the occult and astrology to silver plated altar bowls to one of a kind Mortars & Pestle sets, you will find the most amazing treasures on this page. For some, having witchcraft items, or rather obvious witchcraft items around is not something they can or are willing to do. These remarkable antiques allow a witch to "disguise" their craft with highly decorative collectables!  Use an old sideboard as an altar, add some silver plated chalices and pewter bowls and instant altar which looks to some like you are simply displaying you collection! We are always adding new items as we find them so please check back often for the latest additions.


Make your magic come alive with Antiquities from Witches Moon!





Please note these are one of a kind Antique items.... We may only have one of each





Antique Cauldrons & Censors:







Small Pot Belly Cauldron


This small 6" cauldron has been refinished and is from an old estate. It is 6" tall and 5" wide. It has three large legs, it is uneven.
This piece is old most likely from the turn of the last century so around the 1900s. It has no cracks or chips. It is a wonderful altar piece or travel cauldron. It is not food grade as it has been refinished. What a great little guy!.









Small pot belly cauldron
Qty: Price: $38.00


Mortars & Pestles:



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Glass Apothecary Jars, Bottles and Containers:


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